Every two years The International  Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework  has a convention in another chapter's state. Participants from all over the country come to enjoy  and meet others who share our interest in needlework.  Each chapter that hosts creates a theme and the chapters around the country create artwork that expresses the theme. 

Here are a few from the past years.

Convention Projects



Our chapter decided to create a book of the bad girls of the Bible. Each person picked a female and created a piece that represented that person. A recipe was also included that was appropriate for her.  This artist picked Delilah and her recipe was for angel hair pasta.




2013 - " Shabbat Heirlooms"

 The theme that year was “SHABBAT HEIRLOOMS". Rather than working

individually, several PSS chapter members worked together to create “placemats”, interpreting what was meaningful to that member when they thought about the Shabbat (Sabbath) table. Some members

explored a more literal interpretation while others used symbols or metaphors associated with Shabbat, the day of rest. Needlework ranged from knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting/appliqué, and mixed

media. Co-chairs of the PSS Challenge project this year were Barbara Flexner and Barbara Rucket. In addition to the co-chairs, the other PSS participants included: Vilma Arenson, Judy Berman, Susan Big, Brenda Bookman, Jacqueline Granath, Roberta Gross, Cheryl Miller, Pamela Rishfeld, Flora Rosefsky, Sue Siegel, Margie Steiner and Rina Wolfe.

We had  a great experience at the Breneau University Exhibit " Women's Work" event.  The "Shabbat Traditions" challenge was juried into the exhibit at the Simmons Visual Arts Center, Sellars Gallery. The exhibition focused on the rich history of fiber arts in North Georgia and how the past has influenced the work of contemporary fiber artists.




"I HAVE A DREAM" Atlanta, GA

We were honored to have the convention here in Atlanta in 2017. 

The theme was "I HAVE A DREAM". There were exciting workshops on a wide variety of needlework techniques, and a wonderful keynote speaker - Rabbi Dr. Analia Bortz. We all worked hard to make this a very happy occasion.  We all chipped in and created beautiful center pieces for the tables in the dinning room. Each table had a hand made basket  in various techniques. Peaches and pomegranates were added to decorate each basket.

The theme our chapter picked was "I HAVE  A DREAM FOR PEACE" to be executed as pillows. Below are a few examples.